Optar Capital

A High Conviction Australian Equities Manager

home 1 experienced team

Experienced team

The partners have over 20 years’ experience researching Australian Equities and managing Australian Equities portfolios.

home 2 Concentrated, Best ideas, Long term focus

Concentrated, Best ideas

Portfolio turnover is sub 20% since inception, with active share greater than 65%, holding 15 to 20 names.

home 3 High conviction credentials

High conviction credentials

Portfolio managers have more than 10 years’ experience managing large scale concentrated portfolios with a strong track record and a proven ability to manage liquidity.

home 4 100% Independent

100% Independent

Optar Capital has complete alignment of interest with clients - staff own the business which allows us to focus on generating top quartile investment returns with no distractions.

home 5 Best Practice Service providers and Infrastructure

Best Practice providers

Optar uses only top tier providers for accounting & legal, OMS / EMS software, fund administration, custody and information services.

home 6 ESG Focused

ESG Focused

Optar Capital integrates ESG information into its financial analysis and decision-making.

Optar Capital News & Insights

5G mobile network technology will bring real benefits for users, but for shareholders it represents more capital investment in an industry which has struggled to achieve adequate returns.
Telcos cannot assume that new ‘use cases’ will deliver a payback on 5G investment: we see no killer app that can reliably deliver a meaningful revenue boost.
5G needs to be accompanied by more rational pricing of the core mobile product if the networks are to make a return on the investment it requires.